Thomas Papadopoulos has worked with a diverse set of clients that offers a varying set of challenges; every one of them is a learning opportunity. His portfolio varies from architectural to product and fashion photography and always searching for new challenges. Whenever he is hanging off a tree photo-shooting the wild life or in a studio working with a model he is adapting, learning and improving himself.

But his genuine passion for the sea has driven him to start shooting what he loves - seascapes and vessels. The coastline of Greece is truly world class in terms of its drama, unspoilt beauty and heritage. Photographing the Greek coastline is a great passion of his combined with his distinctive style that blends extreme angles, unique perspectives and intense colors offers a wide variety of high-impact images from each shoot!

A real sea lover and a sailor himself, is a source of inspiration that allows him to reveal the relationship between the outside world of Nature and the inside world of dreams and wishes. His deep knowledge of current trends, cutting edge technical equipment, inspirational approach, awareness of commercial needs, passion for detail and commitment to perfection and originality, can guarantee in taking a vessel and transforming it into a real ‘masterpiece’, ready- for-sale product.

Sports/Action, Portraiture, Events, School, Commercial, Wildlife, Landscape, Fine Art photography based in Panorama, Thessaloniki, Greece.